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Wereszczyn near Urszulin – April 8, 2011

A group of students from Israel came to Wereszczyn to visit the memorial of murdered Jews and clean the burial site. When the Nazis killed the Jews from Wereszczyn in May 1942, the only survivor was a nine-year-old girl Miriam Zunszajn. The audience were told about the events by the eye-witness and Miriam's age-mate – Ryszard Wołosiuk. Among the participants of the meeting were also Zbigniew Niziński of the Lasting Memory Foundation and Adam Panasiuk of the “Polesie” Association.

Israel – March 21, 2011

From 21 March to 3 April Zbigniew Niziński and Daniel Starzyński from the board of the Lasting Memory Foundation were in Israel, visiting the Survivors of the Holocaust and collecting the accounts of their fates during the Nazi occupation in Poland. Among other places, we visited the Israeli resting homes and heard the memories of the last witnesses who recalled the Extermination of their home towns and families. They also created lists of the victims buried in the nameless graves. The collected materials serve as a complement of the accounts of the Polish witnesses concerning the unmarked mass graves of murdered Jews as well as the attempts to rescue them from death. The Foundation board took part in the marathon in Jerusalem, dedicated to the Memory of the Survivors and Victims of the Holocaust.

Urszulin – March 14, 2011

Zbigniew Nizinski delivered a presentation for the students of the Public Junior High School in Urszulin, regarding the fate of Polish Jews during World War II. The young people became familiar with the history of Jews who used to live in their town. The lecture concerned the Jewish martyrdom sites and hiding places. The students learned about the preserved monuments of Jewish culture and the grave symbols.

Grady Woniecko near Zambrow – March 4, 2011

On 4 March 2011, the prisoners of the Penal Institution in Grady Woniecko were shown the presentation of photographs collected by the Lasting Memory Foundation and heard the lecture delivered by Zbigniew Nizinski. The speech regarded the trips in the footsteps of Jews and the brave acts of those, who assisted the people of Jewish origin during World War II. The prisoners asked questions concerning the people's motivations and attitudes in the face of the Nazi occupation.

Rajcza – February 17, 2011.

On 17 February 2011 in the Public Junior High School in Rajcza Zbigniew Niziński performed two history lessons regarding the life as well as the Extermination of Jews in various towns and villages, including Rajcza. The students eagerly participated in the lesson, asking questions concerning the history of local Jewish community and preservation of the forgotten graves.

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