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Puchacze – August 10, 2016

In Puchacze three memorial stones erected by The Lasting Memory Foundation were unveiled in the places of the execution and burial of 23 Jews murdered by the Germans during the war. The victims were residents of Puchacze – 4 families, including 14 children. We engraved their names on the memorials. The residents of Puchacze and the ceremony guests paid tribute to the dead.

Zielonka – June 17, 2016

At the Private School of Creative Activity in Zielonka there took place a meeting between the students, Teresa Podolak – daughter of the Righteous among the Nations of the World Eugenia and Jerzy Latoszyński – and Zbigniew Niziński. The students heard the story of rescuing a Jewish boy by the Latoszyński family, as well as the Lasting Memory Foundation’s actions for commemorating the war victims.

Dołha – March 22, 2016

In a School Complex in Dołha, Zbigniew Niziński delivered a lecture on commemorating the people and places of the common history of Poles and Jews. The students were familiarized with the figures of Poles with the titles of the Righteous among the Nations as well as with the Jews who had survived the Holocaust and the graves of the murdered victims commemorated by the Foundation. Zbigniew Niziński also told the story of both the life and extermination of Jewish families who used to live in the neighborhood.

Sulejówek - February 27, 2016

In the Education Development Center in Sulejówek, during a training included in the project "Memory for the future" and attended by teachers from schools all over the country, Zbigniew Niziński delivered a lecture on searching and commemorating the Holocaust victims as well as people who had lost their lives rescuing Jews. As part of the lecture, he displayed photographs presenting the Foundation's activity.

Cieszyn – January 27, 2016

In a penitentiary in Cieszyn, Zbigniew Niziński delivered a lecture on commemorating the Holocaust victims as well as the heroic figures of those who had rescued them. He spoke about what had been done to memorialize the dead from the Holocaust. The audience were told about empathy for other people, being ready to help others and oppose hatred.

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