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Kraków – October 22, 2014

On the occasion of giving the name of the Righteous among the Nations of the World to a Catholic Montessori School in Kraków, Zbigniew Niziński delivered a lecture and presentation to the students, regarding the commemoration of people and places related to the common history of Poles and Jews. The students heard the stories of Poles who had been rescuing Jews in WWII as well as those of people whose lives they had saved. The presentation included photographs from Zbigniew Niziński’s actions of searching for unmarked mass graves of Jews and commemorations of those graves, conducted by the Lasting Memory Foundation.

Jodłowa – October 20, 2014

Once again, on October 20, the Lasting Memory Foundation, the students from the Jewish Culture Section of the Middle East Circle of the Jagiellonian University and the workers appointed by Jodłowa Commune Office conducted inventory of matzevot on the Jewish cemetery in Jodłowa. Russ Maurer, whose roots lie in Jodłowa, came from the US to participate in the cemetery works. The list of names and dates from over 80 matzevot was updated and complemented. A gravesite inspection of the burial pit of two Jews from Jodłowa, murdered in 1943, was conducted in a nearby forest.

Zakrzówek – September 9, 2014

An unveiling ceremony was held in the town of Zakrzówek, next to the graves of over 20 Poles of Jewish origin murdered by German soldiers in the fall of 1942 and now commemorated by the Foundation. The victims were the residents of Zakrzówek who had been hiding in the town in order not to be deported to the ghetto of Kraśnik. Local authorities, students and guests paid tribute to the dead.

Las Knieja near Aleksandrówka – September 9, 2014.

In Knieja Forest, the Lasting Memory Foundation placed memorial stones over 6 graves of those murdered there between 1942 and 1943. Among over 50 victims are Poles and Jews who were killed while hiding in that forest. Next to erected stones, the Foundation performed a ceremony which was attended by representatives of state and local governments, clergy, guests from Israel, students from local schools and residents.

Stawce near Kraśnik – September 6, 2014

A burial place of 2 Jews murdered by the Germans in 1942 was marked with the help of the locals. Two young Jews, who were hiding in the area, used to visit one of Stawce residents to get food. One day, as they were crossing a road to return into the woods, they were spotted by a German patrol and shot to death.

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