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Zakrzówek – August 12, 2014

A meeting between the students of Beit Berl College Israel and the eyewitness to the events of 1942 took place next to memorial plaques set up by the Foundation next to the graves of over 20 Jews murdered by German soldiers. Among the participants was Jakow Tepler, dean of Beit Berl College, whose relative Abram Tepler is buried along with other commemorated victims.

Kamionna – July 17, 2014

The owners of a farm house in the village of Kamionna, together with Zbigniew Niziński, marked a burial site of 5 Jews murdered in a German manhunt in August 1943. Now a memorial plaque commemorates the grave and reminds of tragic event s which took place there.

Strzelce near Bialopole – May 29, 2014

A meeting between students, teachers and eyewitnesses to the events of World War II took place in a school in Strzelce. Zbigniew Niziński carried out a presentation and lecture regarding the Foundation’s work of commemorating the war victims and searching for forgotten graves.

Leokadia near Łaskarzew – May 27, 2014

In the town of Łaskarzew, the Lasting Memory Foundation in cooperation with the locals erected memorial stones over the burial places of the Jews murdered by the Germans at World War II. During the unveiling ceremony, the residents, clergy, local authorities, students of nearby schools and other guests all together paid tribute to the dead as the act of opposing genocide.

Warsaw – May 24, 2014

The ceremony of presenting awards from Jerzy Boniecki Polcul Foundation, headquartered in Australia, to individuals acting for the general benefit of the society was held in the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Among the laureates was Zbigniew Niziński from the Lasting Memory Foundation, awarded for searching, documenting and marking the traces of nazi murders of Jews and those who assisted them.

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