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Zakrzowek – March 12, 2014

W In a local school in Zakrzowek, Zbigniew Nizinski introduced the students to the common history of Poles and Jews. The lecture was complemented with a presentation on the people and places memorialized by the Foundation. Drawing on the case of a Jewish family Erenberg, the students were equipped with the knowledge of the life and extermination of Zakrzówek Jewish community. Among the participants were the school’s Assistant Principal Mariola Surma and the teachers. After the lecture, the school’s delegation and Zbigniew Nizinski visited the sites of National Remembrance in Zakrzowek.

Okrzeja – February 18, 2014.

In a secondary school in Okrzeja, Zbigniew Niziński conducted two history classes concerning the fates of Poles and Jews at the time of war, places of national remembrance, patriotism, solidarity and, should the need arise, readiness to come to the aid of other people.

Osieck – 31 January 2014

In a secondary school in Osieck, Zbigniew Niziński conducted three classes on the history of Poles and Jews, the value of remembering past residents of Polish towns as well as the tolerance and empathy towards other human beings.

Jodlowa - Wisowa - January 20, 2014

During a meeting in primary school in Jodłowa Wisowa, Zbigniew Niziński delivered a presentation on the topics of traveling in the footsteps of Jews, commemorating forgotten graves as well as the courageous Świerczek family who had rescued their Jewish friends at the times of war. The meeting was attended by Rev. Dr. Julian Kapłon, the school’s principal Barbara Dziedzic, teachers, the administrator of Wisowa village and the councilor of Jodłowa Commune.

LAS DĄBROWA near Okrzeja – November 20, 2013.

In the middle of a forest near the town of Okrzeja, at the burial place of 13 Jews killed by German soldiers, the ceremony of unveiling a memorial set up by the Lasting Memory Foundation took place. The victims were murdered in January 1944 as they were hiding in a forest dug out.

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