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Jabłoń- March 24, 2009

On 24 March 2009 in August Zamoyski Agricultural School Complex in Jabłoń (near Parczew) The Lasting Memory Foundation carried out a presentation concerning the common history of Poles and Jews. Among the participants were students, local inhabitants and the representative of Jabłoń Land Lovers Association.

Foundation presented materials related with Jewish life and culture in Poland. Students learned about the times of war, places of Jewish martyrdom as well as the acts of rescuing them from extermination. The most touching part was the moment of recalling the names of Jewish families who used to live in Jabloń before the war. Most of them were killed by the Nazis and are buried in the unmarked mass grave in the local forest. The Lasting Memory Foundations has taken actions in order to find and preserve it. Afterwards, students presented a piece of Jewish literature, an exhibition of a Jewish painter- Marc Chagall and sang a song which emphasized the atmosphere of the meeting.

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