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Warsaw- April 17, 2009
altOn 17 April 2009 in XXV Józef Wybicki high school The Lasting Memory Foundation organized a lecture and a special meeting between teenagers and the witnesses to history. Among the participants were: the president of the Association of “The Children of the Holocaust”- Mrs Anna Drabik, the representative of Polish Society of the Righteous of the Nations of the World- Mrs Jadwiga Gawrych and Zbigniew Niziński from The Lasting Memory Foundation.

The first part of the meeting included the presentation of photographs concerning the history of Jews in Poland and collected by The Lasting Memory Foundation. The guests got acquainted with the traces of Jewish culture as well as the places of martyrdom of Jews during the Nazi occupation. Afterwards, Mrs Jadwiga Gawrych told the students about the way in which she participated in the act of rescuing Jews. She presented the Righteous Among the Nations of the World medal and diploma. Students could also see the Commander’s Cross of the Order of the Rebirth of Poland which she was awarded in 2008 by the President of Poland. Mrs Anna Drabik told the story of her survival from extermination and acquainted the student s with the Association of “The Children of the Holocaust” and its activity. It gathers people of Jewish origin who survived from extermination and who were born during the war or on the first day of it were not older than 13 years old. The association takes care of the Righteous Among the Nations and educates the youth in order to familiarize them with the Holocaust.

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