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Góra Kalwaria- May 28, 2009

On 28 May 2009 in Góra Kalwaria The Lasting Memory Foundation organized a meeting for local high school students. The Foundation member carried out a presentation titled “Following the traces of Polish Jews”. Among the guests were: Leszek Klewicki – the Righteous Among the Nations of the World, Henryk Prajs- the survivor of the extermination camp and Zbigniew Niziński from The Lasting Memory Foundation.






At the beginning students performed a historical song. Afterwards, Zbigniew Niziński carried out a presentation titled “Following the traces of Polish Jews”. Students became acquainted with the history of towns inhabited by Jews as well as with places in which they had hidden during the occupation. The Lasting Memory Foundation presented photographs of Jewish children killed in concentration camps. Guests had a chance to see photographs of people who had rescued Jews during the war. This was the introduction to Mr Klewicki’s remembrances. He talked about the way he helped seven Jews during the war, hiding them in his house for 2 years. His mother, Stanisława Klewicka, used to set out to Częstochowa from her house in Warsaw, rushing to the aid of her Jewish friends locked in a ghetto. While she provided for the refugees, Leszek Klewicki took over the obligation to look after them. All of them survived until the liberation. 93 - year- old Henryk Prajs delivered a speech in which he recalled Góra Kalwaria as it used to be before the war. It was inhabited by 3500 Jews. In February 1941 most of the Jews were brought to the Warsaw ghetto. Mr Prajs managed to escape. Having been rescued by Katarzyna Pokorska, he survived until the end of the war. At the end of the meeting guests visited a former Jewish house of prayer. Henryk Prajs shared his memories with students. Afterwards, the guests visited the local cemetery on which Stanisława Klewicka and Katarzyna Pokorska are buried. After teenagers had lit the candles on women’s graves, everybody went to the Jewish cemetery which had been destroyed by the Nazis during the occupation. After the war, the family vault of Tzaddik Alter was rebuilt. Henryk Prajs answered the questions of students becoming more and more interested in the matter.





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