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Zakrzówek – August 12, 2014

A meeting between the students of Beit Berl College Israel and the eyewitness to the events of 1942 took place next to memorial plaques set up by the Foundation next to the graves of over 20 Jews murdered by German soldiers. Among the participants was Jakow Tepler, dean of Beit Berl College, whose relative Abram Tepler is buried along with other commemorated victims.

The participants heard a testimony of an 88-year-old resident of Zakrzówek, eyewitness to the killing of the Jews: “Abram Tepler was my friend, I saw him being killed by a German, he was buried at the execution site. A few hundred meters away, there is a mass grave of other Jews, I saw them lying dead next to a pit to which they were later thrown. The bodies were transported there from the streets of Zakrzówek on a wooden cart. In the town, the Germans were murdering the Jews who had not gone to the ghetto of Kraśnik. Among the victims I recognized the members of Waks family who had run a grocery in Zakrzówek. There was also a woman called Wigdurka who had owned a shop with various kinds of goods. I still remember that Chana, who had run a dry goods shop, was also buried here. God keeps me alive, so that I can testify about all this. “
Flowers were laid and candles lit next to Abram Tepler’s grave. The participants said prayers and sang anthems of Poland and Israel. Beit Berl College gathers people of different faiths. The memorial plaques were set up with the support of the students of Yeshivas Neveh Zion in Telz Stone, who visited Zakrzówek in June with Rabbi David Charlop. Deeply moved by a tragic fate of the Jews from Zakrzówek, they wanted to be a part of the commemoration.

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