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Kraków – October 22, 2014

On the occasion of giving the name of the Righteous among the Nations of the World to a Catholic Montessori School in Kraków, Zbigniew Niziński delivered a lecture and presentation to the students, regarding the commemoration of people and places related to the common history of Poles and Jews. The students heard the stories of Poles who had been rescuing Jews in WWII as well as those of people whose lives they had saved. The presentation included photographs from Zbigniew Niziński’s actions of searching for unmarked mass graves of Jews and commemorations of those graves, conducted by the Lasting Memory Foundation.

Zbigniew Niziński also told the students about those who had been killed for helping Jews and therefore had been posthumously recognized as the Righteous among the Nations. He also talked about the necessity to keep ready to help other people, regardless of time or situation.

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