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Wąsewo – November 27, 2014

A meeting between Zofia Kamionowska, member of the Association of Children of the Holocaust, Zbigniew Niziński of the Lasting Memory Foundation and the students and teachers took place in Jan Paweł II Junior Highschool in Wąsewo. The lecture and presentation concerned the activities that have been performed to commemorate nearly forgotten people and graves as well as the stories of people who had been rescued during World War II.

The meeting was conducted by the school’s Principal Roman Malicki and Rev. Rafał Figiel. In his presentation, Zbigniew Niziński talked about the actions of searching for unmarked burial sites of the Jews murdered at the Holocaust as well as about how they were later commemorated with memorial stones by the Foundation. One of the pupils gave a musical performance regarding Jews. The youth listened to the story of Zofia Kamionowska who had been rescued from the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943 and until the end of the war had remained hidden in the house of a Polish family near Wąsewo. While speaking about her survival, Zofia said: I’m trying to show others the love I have been given.

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