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Kaplonosy Kolonia – November 3, 2016

In Kaplonosy Kolonia, the Lasting Memory Foundation located and commemorated a burial place of approximately 70 Jews – men, women and children – murdered in 1943. Next to the grave we set up a memorial stone where the students from local schools, local authorities, clergy and residents gathered. The participants paid tribute to the dead with songs, poems and prayers.

The unveiling ceremony was attended by: Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich, local authorities, priests of local Catholic and Orthodox parishes, Principal of school in Wyryki along with the teachers and students, Principal of school in Kaplonosy with the students, delegation of high school students from Włodawa as well as the residents. The guests were welcomed by the mayor of Wyryki. The president of the Lasting Memory Foundation conducted the ceremony and reminisced the events of 1943. The Jews were hiding for about a year on a makeshift campsite in nearby forest swamps Ochoża. In the fall, during a German manhunt, they were chased out of the forest and got trapped on meadows in Kaplonosy Kolonia. Bullets fired from machine guns killed about 70 people. The locals collected the bodies and buried them in a single pit. The rabbi and the priests said prayers. The students of Junior High School in Wyryki made an artistic performance – poems and songs about the war victims, expressing hope for the world free of genocide. Candles were lit and flowers laid at the memorials. In the evening 80 students from Asdod in Israel visited the grave.

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