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Stromiec – October 22, 2021

In the town of Stromiec The Lasting Memory Foundation held an unveiling ceremony by the grave of Motel Zysmanowicz murdered in 1942. The ceremony was attended by the residents, local students and invited guests. The participants paid honors to the dead, reminisced about his life and tragic events from the times of war.

The ceremony was attended by the Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich, rabbi Yehoshua Ellis, parish priest of Stromiec, local authorities, principal of a local school together with his students as well as the residents. The ceremony was led by the Foundation’s president Zbigniew Niziński.
The rabbis and the parish priest prayed together. The historical records of the life and extermination of the Jews from Stromiec were presented. Motel Zysmanowicz did not go to Białobrzegi ghetto as other Jews from Stromiec but instead he remained hidden for a year with the support of Stromiec residents. Nevertheless, he was captured and executed by the German police and then buried on the execution site.
In the speeches during the ceremony, the participants expressed their hope for the world free of hatred and for life in peace.




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