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Kozodawy near Hrubieszów – March 5, 2015.

In a Junior High School in Kozodawy, Zbigniew Niziński delivered a presentation on commemorating the people and places of the common history of Poles and Jews. The pupils and teachers were also shown and told about the graves of the Jews murdered by the Germans at the Death March of December 1939, which had been commemorated by the Foundation. The Death March route went past the place where the Junior High School is now situated. Over a thousand people were killed at the March.

Mieniany near Hrubieszów – March 4, 2015

In a school in Mieniany, Zbigniew Niziński gave a lecture in which he spoke about the places memorialized by the Foundation as well as the story of the Death March of December 1939 when the Jews were marched by the Germans from Chełm and Hrubieszów to the soviet zone. Those who were too weak to continue marching were killed. The Death March route went exactly where the school is now situated. The students asked many questions, for example about the names of the murdered Jews.

Ślipcze near Hrubieszów – March 4, 2015

In a school in Ślipcze, Zbigniew Niziński presented photographs of his trips and spoke about the common history of Poles and Jews. The students got familiar with the stories of different people from the times of war, searching for and commemorating burial sites as well as the figures of Poles with the title of the Righteous among the Nations of the World.

Wanaty near Łaskarzew – February 27, 2015

Local authorities, representatives of charity organizations, residents and school youth paid tribute to 108 Polish victims on the 71st anniversary of pacification of Wanaty village conducted by German soldiers in 1944.

Żywiec – January 18, 2015

A meeting was held on a Jewish cemetery in Żywiec to celebrate the XVIII Day of Judaism. The ceremony was attended by the bishops of Roman Catholic and Evangelical Augsburg Church, president of Bielsko Biala Jewish Community, mayor of Żywiec, city councilors, representatives of scientific societies and residents of Żywiec. Among the participants was also a volunteer caretaker of the cemetery, member of the Lasting Memory Foundation Board, Eugeniusz Gradek

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